Types of Utilities

  • Telecommunications
  • Fiber Optic Lines
  • Telephone
  • Cable TV
  • Alarm
  • Electrical
  • Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Street Lighting
  • Yard Lighting
  • Well Systems
  • Pool
  • Private Gas Lines
  • From Meter to House
  • Barbeque Grill
  • Pool Heater
  • Sewer Lines
  • Water Lines


  • Locally Owned Private Utilities
  • Sewer Lines - Locate and provide depth of sewer lines including video imaging of the sewer line
  • Electrical / Fault Location - Locating and repair of underground direct buried electrical cables.
  • Water - Gas - Telecommunications
  • Mark Utilities - Spray color mark utilities


  • Electromagnetic Locator - Transmitter and receivers utilize radio signals to locate underground utilities.
  • Color Video Sewer Inspection - Video the main sewer line and find the laterals.

Services Provided To:

  • Mobile Home and RV Parks
  • Environmental Companies
  • Homeowners
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Government Agencies
  • Business and Residential
  • Schools
  • Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Surveying and Engineering Companies


Electromagnetic Private Utility Locating is the most reliable form of locating underground metallic utilities.

Prevent access mistakes and structural damage, inside and out. Affordable Locating provides private utility locating services and subsurface utility surveys by using geophysical technologies with state-of-the-art electronic instrumentation.


  • A fault is any disruption or abnormal flow of electrical current through a cable. Faults often indicate mechanical damage to a portion of the cable. These faults are most often caused by errors in workmanship, the environment, temperature and degradation over time.

    The professionals at Affordable Locating deliver exceptional electrical cable fault locating results. Our years of experience and expertise make our results highly reliable as well as efficient and our knowledge helps us identify damage to your cable as we locate the fault. Our professional staff can even repair damages to underground electrical faults.

    When it comes to electrical cable fault locating, call Affordable Locating at (520) 883-0016 in Tucson. We quickly identify the source of your cable fault, repair the damaged cable, and get your operations back on line as quickly as possible.